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High Success Rate

Our success rate is high thanks to our quality technologies, techniques and decades of experience.

Advance Medical Care

Choose from quality, advanced & international accredited hospitals across the globe.

Personal Approach

The care in our centers is tailored to every client. We are also able to solve specific problems.

More than 20 years of experience

Our hospitals has performed thousands of successful IVF cycles.

Why Choose Medobal Lanka

Best Doctors

Choose from well-qualified & more experienced medical professionals across the globe.

Smart Savings

Choose from affordable medical packages for several treatments around the globe.

Quality Service

Choose from quality, advanced & international accredited hospitals across the globe.

Top reasons to choose Nova IVI Fertility for your treatment

Nova IVI is in partnership with IVI, Spain – the world leaders in fertility treatment

IVI has one of the best success rates per patient. 9 out of 10 couples that consult IVI due to problems with infertility and put their trust in IVI achieve their goal of becoming parents over four cycles. Furthermore, from the outset IVI has pioneered many different techniques. Proof of this can be seen in the result of 100,000 babies born with the help of IVI.

IVI professionals have been awarded some of the most representative prizes in the sector. Prominent among these are the seven awards from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the 2002 award from the Society for Gynaecological Investigation and the Ares Serono Research Award.In addition, IVI holds several key patents and has participated in some of the key breakthroughs in assisted reproductive technology.

Nova IVI has access to all the expertise, experience and technology from IVI, through its partnership and technology transfer agreement

Technology and facilities are among the best in the world

Set up under the supervision of - and training from - IVI, Spain, our labs match the best in the world in terms of facilities, equipment and, most critically, operating standards. For instance, all our embryologists do their work in laboratories that conform to European clean room standards.

In addition to providing core procedures such as IUI, IVF, ICSI and Andrology services, Nova IVI Fertility offers several state-of-the-art technologies such as Vitrification for preserving embryos and eggs, Embryoscope and PGS for selection of best embryos for transfer and ERA to select the uterus's capacity to accept embryos: all procedures that significantly improve the chances of a pregnancy following IVF-ICSI, even in patients with multiple previous failures.

The country's most experienced team of internationally acclaimed doctors and embryologists

With over a century of combined experience and awards and qualifications from the leading centres of ART in the world, our team of doctors are among the most expert in the country. Some of our doctors also serve on panels to ensure that fertility treatments in India adhere to the highest ethical and medical standards in the world.

They are ably supported by our team of embryologists at each center. Trained and monitored by IVI Spain, our embryologists are capable of attending to the needs of our patients meticulously and in a timely fashion.

Ethical treatment and transparent pricing

At Nova IVI Fertility, we are careful when it comes to fertility treatments. Only after a series of detailed tests will your treatment actually begin. And then the doctor in charge of your case will choose the treatment that is most likely to succeed, but also best suited to you. The doctor or a counsellor will explain everything about the treatment you will undergo and why.

You will also be told how much your treatment will cost - upfront. The price will include almost everything - all the tests, the procedure, the medication and the care. While there will be a few cases where some unforeseen tests or additional procedures need to be done, you will be told what they are and why they are needed. At Nova IVI Fertility, you will never worry about hidden charges.


Get more information on how to get pregnant.

Impairment of fertility can have several different causes. In many cases, there is just one. However, quite often several problems can meet to keep you from your dream of having your own child, and your only hope is assisted reproduction and IVF (artificial insemination). Before starting the treatment, we perform some necessary tests that will help us uncover what prevents you from conceiving a baby.


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Quality Treatment Inside Your Financial plan

When you post an enquiry, the patient connection group will gather subtle elements from you, share them with the specialists and healing facilities on Medobal Lanka's board, and get a customised treatment plan. We research to get quality treatment inside your financial plan.

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